Is Your AC Unit on the Fritz?

Schedule AC maintenance services in Fair Play, Bolivar, MO or surrounding areas

If you find that your AC unit isn't working like it should be, arrange for AC maintenance services in the Fair Play & Bolivar, MO areas. Ron's Heating & Air Conditioning will work on any HVAC unit, no matter the brand. We'll schedule a time to come to your home and run a general maintenance check on your AC unit.

Our AC maintenance services include:

Checking and replacing filters
Cleaning coils
Performing final checks to ensure the unit functions properly

Contact us today if you suspect your AC unit is malfunctioning.

We can also check heating units

Whether or not you're having trouble with your heating unit, you should schedule regular heating maintenance services. We'll be sure to check your unit's fasteners as this tends to be a commonly encountered issue. We recommend scheduling AC or heating maintenance services annually, but some homeowners find it beneficial to get their units checked every six-months.

Please be aware we don't do duct or vent cleaning. Call us at 417-292-4527 today to schedule HVAC maintenance services.